Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Florida 2012 - Coming soon...

    Are you ready for a dream? In this program you will get to know a different part of the United States – Florida! A place full of fun and adventures!
    Get ready to know the world-wide famous parks attractions in Orlando, Florida. Upon arrival in Orlando we will be ready to start our Disney Tour; where most of the amusement parks are located.  We’ll have the chance to visit and enjoy the attractions of many of the Disney Parks including The Magic Kingdom, where you can travel through these lands and see how fantasy becomes reality when you learn how to be a pirate, match wits with funny monsters, conquer mountains or get swept up in the spectacle of splendid parades and fireworks shows. You will capture the enchantment of fairy tales with exciting entertainment, classic attractions and beloved Disney characters.
    Next we’ll have fun at the Epcot Center where you may feel at home enjoying the world-wide attractions, shops and restaurants. We will take part in the Youth Education Series (YES), a one of a kind educational experience. Curriculum-based, academic journeys examine and explore the scientific, cultural, creative, and natural exhibits of Walt Disney World. Specially trained facilitators use a captivating mixture of thought-provoking information, hands-on experiences, and fun to involve students in the learning process. The visit to the Hollywood Studios comes ahead and also the opportunity to experience thrilling attractions and live action shows. Downtown Disney will also be visited for those of you that like to shop, also many of Disney’s theaters and shows are located there.
    We will also have the chance to go behind the scenes to explore how movies are made in some of the world’s most popular entertainment destinations, Universal Studios!
    Our journey will also lead us to the NASA – Kennedy Space Center, where it may be possible to take a tour around the center, take a look in real spacecrafts, and be part of a space trip simulation.
    To finish the trip we will have a relaxing time in New Smyrna Beach where we will have the opportunity to say goodbye to the wonders of Florida and the many new friends.
    This trip is all designed for the Rotary Exchange Students; enjoy it together with people from all over the world!
Click here to check the day-by-day trip program!

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